About Lindsey

I love fashion. I love design. I have a great love all things pretty.
 Surely that's enough in the credibility department, but in case it's not, here's the recent back story:

I'm a college drop out... but for a good reason. :) I studied one semester of Interior Design at Oklahoma State and realized I loved it much more as a hobby than a career. (Although, now I would die for my own design firm.) For a brief moment I planned to transfer schools, which also required changing my major to Public Relations.  Long story short, I decided last minute (like the night before orientation) not to transfer schools, but thought I would continue to give Public Relations a try. I completed 3 years of college and then married my first (and only) love.
I moved to Nashville, TN, While B pursued his talents in the music world, I worked for a clothing designer as office manager/personal assistant/Internet admin/inventory extraordinaire/line rep/do everything girl. It was great, but we knew Nashville (even in all its excitement) was not where we needed to be. So we moved to a little town in Arkansas (the town where B grew up) and started to live out our "normal" life.

And here we are... 3 years later. With the addition of a beautiful baby girl, Harper Elizabeth, and our sweet shih tzu, Maxwell. I now work in the real estate world and just took on a little side project that I will blog about soon!

I hope you all will love and embrace this project as much as I do, Im so exicted to see what is to come!

enjoy, lindsey