Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What to Wear: Work it!

Let's talk business. For the Office, an Interview, or Career Fair... What do you wear??

I was asked recently for some ideas on what to wear to an up coming career fair. I immediately went to work, thinking about this post from different angles. This one was a bit tricky for me and outside my little box. BUT that really made it fun! I hope you get some good ideas on what to wear, Renee! 

 The key is not to lose yourself in business attire. Especially if it is not something you would normally wear. You don’t want to be uncomfortable in a stuffy suit if you don’t absolutely have too. Think about your normal everyday style and then add a few key things to make it just a little more traditional. 
I love the look of pairing mis-matched blazer and pant with a light weight print top underneath. This first look is light and airy, but still very professional. Pairing this cream blazer with Gap’s Perfect Khaki wide leg is amazing. The muted leopard top is a great pop of personality without being too loud. I know I always say this, but don’t forget the accessories! Shoes, jewelry, a fun scarf, and a bag that looks amazing and is still functional enough for toting around your resume! 

On the surface this outfit look really predictable, but look a bit closer. I'm pairing these great black wide leg trousers with a super soft brushed silk top. Dressy enough for an interview, but also great tucked into a pair of skinnies with a belt and fun flats! I LOVE this navy and white striped blazer! I'm a rule breaker when it comes to fashion. You can wear navy and black. AND just to be crazy I threw in leopard pumps and a brown belt. PERSONALITY! I also added a chunky bracelet and pair of earrings to really glam it up! I think it really comes together great and flows so easily!

Praying for a VERY successful day for you Renee!  I'm sure they will all be fighting for you! :) You will do amazing (no matter what you wear)!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Must Have: Nude for Spring.

I have a serious spring obsession with all things nude! Not all things in the nude... that would be totally weird. I'm talking nude shoes, nude bags, and even nude accessories. I love it all!

Remember when I did this post here about my short little legs and how I LOVE wide leg, vintage flare jeans? Well, a nude shoe will give that same lengthening affect you can achieve with the long wide flare. Try to find a nude that is most similar to your skin color and rock it with everything! Cropped pants are making a huge comeback this spring, which are sometimes hard to pull off with shorter legs. Throw on a pair of these nude wedges or nude flats and you instantly lengthen the look of your legs! Its total magic. Pure styling magic!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spotlight: asos

I am in love with these styles from! How did I not know this site exsisted? They really have a ton of cute and orginial looks that I love! Their price points vary, dresses are  anywhere between $40 to $1000. The large price difference makes for a HUGE selection... Im talking 3000 dresses to look through. Talk about amazing!!
Happy Shopping Everyone!

Do you have a favorite??

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I am loving these mid-length looks... Normally when I start to think of cutting my hair, it’s followed by a horrible scary hair nightmare. So I have that to look forward to tonight! :)

What do you think? Mid-length or keep it long?

Monday, March 21, 2011


Hope everyone had a good weekend! Baby girl turned One and was Dedicated at church on Sunday! So, I'm taking the day off to recover from Harper's weekend of celebrations!

 I've got some good things lined up for this week.... See you then! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What to Wear: Maternity

When I was pregnant with Harper, I struggled to find maternity clothes and never found anything I just loved loved loved.  I started to feel like I was losing a little bit of myself- forced to wear boring or generic styles. I searched and searched and soon found comfort in styles by Target, Gap, and Old Navy Maternity. So I knew I really wanted to do a post when a friend wrote me for help finding maternity wear! Been there, I know how exactly how to help!
 Good news is there are tons of amazing choices out there… bad news is most come with high price tag. Who wants to pay $150 on jeans that you will only wear for a few months anyway? Not me. So here we go… 3 different maternity looks for you, Ashley. I had so much fun doing this it almost made me want to be pregnant again. Almost.  
The best idea is to buy pieces that are functional. You want to choose items that can be worn several different ways. The top below could also be worn with wide leg jeans and wedges or with cuffed dark denim jeans and these cute black flats. Same with the cardigan below, through on a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and flats and you have an adorable outfit!

A great tip is to stock up on accessories- scarves, jewelry, shoes, and bags- anything that you will still get use out of after the baby comes!

Jackets, Cardigans, and Vests are all things that you can wear throughout your pregnancy without being "maternity". The jacket above and the vest below could be worn open all nine months and still make you feel right on trend. Plus, you can continue to wear them while toting around your precious new baby!
I love this look and I will most likely be coping this for summer!
Enjoy, Lindsey