Monday, January 24, 2011

What To Wear: Cocktail Party

My sister is going to a charity event next week and she is in need of a cocktail dress. So this morning we were discussing different outfit options and I told her I would find some things online and make a blog post about it. What is my blog for, if not to help people with their wardrobe dilemmas? I always said I wanted to do something to help people... :) 

We discussed the basics; She is thinking about a black dress, she likes the idea of a gold or light shoe- something with height, but not too much height, she needs something quickly, so I narrowed her choices down to stores near her or with quick/free shipping options, all within a reasonable price point.

So here is what I found... 4 different looks:
(All- Forever 21)

(Dress-Mod Cloth, Shoes- DSW, Accesories-Forever 21)

(All- Forever 21, Shoes- Aldo)

(Dress-Mod Cloth, Shoes- DSW, Accesories-Forever 21)

I feel like I may have a new segment in the making...

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  1. What would I do without you?!? I am in love with I have some decisions to make...