Monday, April 18, 2011

Must Have: The Maxi Dress

So I might or might not have bought 3 maxi dresses in 1 week... But after reading this article by my fav, Rachael Zoe in my March Glamour Magazine, I decided  I wanted to embrace these long lengths as much as possible! I wrote these posts, here and here, about ways to lengthen your body, and I thought this needed to be added as a great lengthening tool! (Sorry my blog is slowly turning into a short girls guide to dressing taller…  but I’m also totally ok with it, if you are!)

These are the 2 Maxi dresses and (similar) skirt that I found over the past week... These design boards are exactly what I picture doing with each piece as I bought them! Its so fun to picture an outfit, see it on paper ( screen), and then create it with items from my closet. Such joy it brings!!

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